Why Sylvester Stallone hired Navy SEALs to train his daughters.

Sylvester Stallone takes his role as a protective father to extraordinary heights.

The renowned actor has three daughters: Sophia, 27, Sistine, 25, and Scarlet, 21, along with sons Sage and Seargeoh. Stallone’s reputation for safeguarding his daughters precedes him, but Sophia and Sistine recently shared insights into the lengths he went to ensure their safety when they moved to New York City.

Prior to their relocation, Stallone took the initiative to enlist Navy SEALs to impart self-defense lessons to his two eldest daughters. Speaking with the New York Post ahead of the second season premiere of “The Family Stallone,” the family’s reality show, Sophia and Sistine recounted the demanding experience.

Sistine revealed that while the training footage was edited to appear pleasant for the show, the reality was far more arduous. “We spent about six hours in those woods,” she recounted. “The montage made it seem cute, but Sophia and I truly struggled against those guys. They were the real deal.”

Sistine reflected on their upbringing, stating, “I’m not surprised my dad put us through something like this because our entire life we’ve been exposed to his military-style self-defense trainings.” Sophia echoed her sentiments, describing the rigorous routine that began daily at 6 a.m. with a peculiar breakfast choice of eggs and ketchup.

Their upbringing, she said, was characterized by physical exercises ranging from sit-ups to clean and jerks, alongside recreational activities like golfing and playing pool.

In one scene from “The Family Stallone,” which showcased the Navy SEALs training, Sistine and Sophia were tasked with chasing a chicken, reminiscent of a scene from “Rocky II.” Stallone emphasized the skills required for such an exercise, noting, “Chasing a chicken may sound like a game, but it demands speed, patience, agility, and the acknowledgment that you might be outdone by something weighing merely three pounds and equipped with a beak.” Sistine confessed, “I entered the challenge a bit overconfident, but I was humbled by the chicken.”

Sylvester Stallone hired Navy SEALs to train his daughters.

When asked if Stallone is now less anxious about their safety after a year in New York, Sistine replied, “I don’t think he’ll ever be less nervous. He’s the epitome of an overprotective dad, especially with three daughters navigating their way through the city.” Scarlet, currently a student at the University of Miami, affirmed Stallone’s unwavering commitment to safety, stating, “It’s always been his priority above all else.”

Sophia mentioned that their mother, Jennifer Flavin, helps ease Stallone’s concerns by tracking their whereabouts through an app. Stallone’s dedication to his daughters’ safety reflects a timeless commitment to their well-being, ensuring they are equipped to navigate the world with confidence and resilience.

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